Wazobia FM Nigeria

Wazobia FM is the first on top 10 radio stations in Lagos.

The Wazobia FM which is also known as the Ogbonge Radio is owned and managed by Globe Communications Limited and is currently recognized as the best Nigeria Radio station.

It is the most favorite radio station visited by most Nigerians, especially in Lagos. It is the first pidgin radio station in Nigeria and produces programs in Pidgin English thereby, enjoyed by all categories of people; it is a comfortable station for all.

Because of its large patronage, it has branches scattered in some other states of Nigeria like Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Abuja, Kano, and so on, with different channels.

It has a TV station – Wazobia TV, a special internet radio service, online radio live stream and it gives entertainment thereby easing stress by allowing its subscriber to partake through phone-ins, text messages, live streams, etc.

Online Radio

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